A Trip To Salem

Last Friday, September 24th, ODNP Project Manager Jason Stone was invited to give a presentation on historic newspaper digitization and the online resources we are currently developing to the meeting of the Oregon Public Library Directors at the Oregon State Library in Salem. About 45 Library Directors from throughout the state were in attendance for Jason’s slide show and lecture. The Library Directors posed some insightful questions, offered some helpful feedback, and suggested a number of excellent local papers for future digitization.

Oregon State Library

Oregon State Library (photo from Oregon Blue Book)

Many thanks to State Librarian Jim Scheppke and his dedicated staff for helping us to get the word out about ODNP!


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2 responses to “A Trip To Salem

  1. Are there titles from Salem’s early history (late 1840s on) that might be added? it would be interesting to read what they might have on the politics during the transition from territory to state….

    • The earliest Salem titles that could be digitized are the Pacific Christian Advocate (started in 1855) and the Oregon Statesman (started in 1851). These titles have not yet been digitized due to funding limitations. However, the earliest newspaper published in Oregon and on the West Coast is the Oregon Spectator (started in 1846), which is available online at http://oregonnews.uoregon.edu/lccn/sn84022662/ and contains a plethora of political content on the Oregon territory and transition to state.

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