New Titles Selected

The votes from our Advisory Board are in, and new titles have been prioritized for Phase 2 of our project. We may be rolling out several of these in the months ahead, as space and funding allows… but, for the time being, we are happy to announce two new titles:

The Medford Mail-Tribune has been selected for inclusion in NDNP/Chronicling America. This will increase the project’s coverage of southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley area. The Mail-Tribune is a major regional paper that has come down to the present day, and is a rare example of a 19th Century paper that was unaffiliated with any political party. From 1907-1919 the paper was owned/edited by George Putnam, a colorful and controversial legend in Oregon journalism, later publisher of the Salem Capital Journal.

The additional title selected at this time for inclusion on the Oregon-only website is a small subset of the well-known Portland Oregonian, encompassing a smattering of issues from 1878, 1885 and 1895, as well as a fairly complete run from 1900-1901. These were the earliest issues microfilmed by UO for the U.S. Newspaper Project: Oregon.  Since the inception of our project, we have frequently been asked about including some Oregonians, and this is intended to address those requests.

I am also happy to announce that it is now easier than ever to make small donations (or large ones!) to the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program. The UO Foundation has recently updated its website with an online form to make a charitable gift to ODNP.

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