An Oregon Bestiary

As regular readers will already know, the first digitized content from historic Oregon newspapers should be coming online by the fall.  In preparation, we’ve been reviewing and collating some great old papers.  This intensive process doesn’t always afford us as much opportunity to pause and read the articles as we’d like… but, from time to time, a headline or graphic is simply too compelling to avoid catching our attention.

That was certainly the case with these woodcut illustrations, which first ran in the July 26, 1862 issue of the Jacksonville Oregon Sentinel.  With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the accompanying article tells the tale of a group of intrepid explorers venturing into the Oregon wilderness in search of trout.  Instead, they end up encountering a far more incredible native fauna:

Consider this a sneak peak at some of the more esoteric news content that ODNP will soon be making available on the Web.  And remember… when out and about in Oregon, watch out for those Bandikoots!  —Jason A. Stone

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